"301,827 Visitors from 52 Countries" Attended the Bursa Agriculture and Livestock Fairs

BURTARIM 2017 Bursa 15th International Agriculture, Seed Raising, Saplings and Dairy Industry Fair and Bursa 10th International Livestock and Equipment Fair, co-organized with the participation of 420 companies and their representatives from 20 countries and 1216 brands and held in an area of 75,000 sqm that consisted of 7 separate halls and open-air exhibition areas were organized October 2017 at the Tüyap Bursa International Fair and Congress Center.
Bursa Agriculture and Livestock Fairs, which strengthen their place in the industry every year and continue to build cross-continental bridges with established business connections, were visited by 301,827 people from 79 cities of Turkey and 52 other countries from 4 continents during the 5 visiting days. The Fairs, which greatly contribute to tractor and agricultural mechanization sales and make the country and region economy stronger with the work volume created, were very helpful for the industry.
50% Increase in the Number of Foreign Visitors with the Support of Bursa Chamber of Trade and Industry
Tüyap Bursa Fairs Organization Inc. General Manager İlhan Ersözlü talked about the successful Fairs, which are among the biggest meetings of Tüyap Agriculture Fairs in terms of both number of visitors and physical area, and said, "These fairs, which have a different place among the agriculture fairs that we organize in 6 cities as Tüyap continue to stand out. The fairs which have gotten the expected attention from the sector again this year have accomplished a 50% increase in the number of foreign visitors compared to last year, thanks to the organization of Turkish Ministry of Economy, support of Bursa Chamber of Trade and Industry, and efficient work of Tüyap offices abroad. 1100 businesspeople that invited from 52 countries, increased the export volume of the country with their commercial collaborations. Domestically, around 2000 buses took off in 79 cities to bring sector representatives and professionals to the fair.
During the Fairs which collectively present the technological developments and innovations that increase product diversity and efficiency to all interested people, participant companies introduced their product launches and the innovations in the industry for the first time in this fair.
One-on-One Business Meetings Were Organized
With the support of KOSGEB and the Bursa Chamber of Trade and Industry, one-on-one business meetings between foreign businesspeople and our participant firms were organized in our Fair center's Uludağ Conference Hall on Thursday, October 12.