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75. Yıl Mah. 5307 Sok. No: 113/B / Yunusemre / MANİSA / TÜRKİYE
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  • Agricultural machinery
  • Disk rake manufacture

Agroman Tarım Makinaları Ltd Şti was established in 1971 in Manisa. Our company is at the service of the consumer with more than 50 years of knowledge and experience in the field in which it operates. It continues its production with its qualified personnel and state-of-the-art modern equipment. Customer satisfaction is the most important priority in all our products and services. Our company, which stepped in with the principle of producing raisin sieving machines for Turkish farmers since 1971, has always been with the farmer. In 1993, it broke new ground in Turkey and entered the production of hydraulic under-the-vineyard plows that hoe the bottom of the vineyards. Our company proudly presented the production of variable cross-adjustment, hydraulic, fixed, wheeled, independent disc, garden and field type disc harrows of its own design, together with the developing agricultural technologies, to its users in the domestic and international markets. Our company was not satisfied with this, by expanding the usage areas of raisin sieving machines, it put sunflower-sesame-paddy-soybean-wheat-pistachio-poppy and dried tomato sieving machines into service. Considering the needs of the users, it offered a combined grape laying and raisin picking machine to the service of its farmers in 2019 with its new design. The machines produced by Agroman agricultural machinery have completed their quality with the test reports received from Ege University Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Machinery and Ankara Tamtest. Agroman agricultural machinery is confidently on its way to the future with the excitement of producing higher quality and more efficient machines by following the developing technologies at home and abroad every day.


The independent disc disc harrow, which has an effective and wide range of use in soil cultivation, especially in stubble processing, seed bed preparation, reduces the product cost with its combined design. It achieves the desired tillage quality when used at speeds up to 15 km/h according to soil conditions. High work capacity, low fuel, less chemicals and less fertilizer use allows. Notched 510 mm-560mm diameter discs, each individually bearing, are connected to the chassis with rubber springs. It can be done effectively and with high performance by breaking down the soil and plant residues and mixing them with the soil and thanks to this structure. It is an ideal machine for minimum tillage applications that have gained importance in recent years. It is possible with this machine to effectively break up and mix the plant residues without overturning the soil, and to make them useful to the plant more quickly, thus regaining the biological balance of the soil. You can see these differences in the next production season.


Suspended type offset disc harrow is a preferred product in horticulture and small plots with its practical use. It is used by connecting the tractor to the three-point suspension system. There are models with 16-18-20-22-24-26-28 disc numbers and 510mm-560mm-610mm disc diameters. It is used in secondary tillage, in seedbed preparation, in garden cultivation, in inter-tree processing, in weed control, in mixing fertilizer into the soil. Disc direction angles front battery and rear battery can be adjusted easily. Front-rear and right-left parallelism adjustments should be made from the tractor suspension arms. It is a simple and practical product that has no settings other than these settings.


Suspended type tandem disc harrow is a practical product with high maneuverability and is preferred in narrow areas. It can be used with small powerful tractors and is simple to adjust. It is used in cultivation and mixing of the soil as a secondary tillage tool in field and garden agriculture. It allows plant residues to be broken down and mixed with the soil, making them useful for the plant faster. It is used to mix the fertilizer thrown into the garden or field. We have models with 20-24-28-32 discs and 460mm-510mm disc diameters. It is aimed to increase the shredding effect by choosing 175mm disc spacing. The notched disc option can also be preferred for more weedy and heavy soil conditions. Disc direction angles can be adjusted from the points where the batteries are attached to the roof. The existing working depth can be increased by placing additional weight (sand bag, etc.) in the weight compartment on the roof.


1) HEAVY TYPE WHEEL GOBLEY Offset Heavy Duty Tapestry Disc Rake; Upon request, it can be manufactured from 18 discs to 36 discs without folding. There is a wide range of models with 22cm disc range and 560mm-610mm diameter notched and flat type disc options. Our variety of models allows the farmer to choose the most suitable machine for his own conditions. It allows us to use our machine at deep working depth in primary tillage. Stubble and plant residues are broken down and the soil is ideally mixed. The disc direction angle, which can reach 25 degrees, provides a good soil tillage and the desired working depth. 2) LIGHT TYPE WHEEL GOBLEY In offset type disc harrow; A more economical and easy-to-use machine is targeted with a lighter chassis and 460mm-510mm disc diameter alternatives in different working widths. It is transported on the road with two wheels. The wheels can also be used to adjust the working depth in the field. Direction angles can be easily adjusted up to a maximum of 22 degrees. We have production in different working widths from 24 discs to 40 discs. Disc type and disc number can be preferred according to tractor power and soil conditions. Disc spacing is 175mm. This; It provides better disintegration of the soil and surface smoothness in seed bed preparation. Optionally, it can be combined with a rear mounted rotary harrow. The rotary harrow ensures that the field clods are broken and leveled before sowing and the seed drill runs smoothly.


Wheeled tandem disc harrow is a practical product with high maneuverability. It creates an effective aeration by breaking the soil with the rotational movement of the wheeled tandem disc harrows and is used in the preparation of the seed bed. It ensures that the plant residues are broken down and mixed with the soil, making them useful for the plant faster, and also effectively mixing the fertilizer thrown into the field. Thanks to its wheel assembly, it creates convenience for the user on the road and in the field. We have models with 24-28-32-36 discs. The notched disc option can also be preferred for more weedy and heavy soil conditions.


Due to the plowing of the soil for many years, a layer that is stuck under the base of the incisors and deteriorated in terms of plant root development in terms of its structural properties is formed. If this layer, called the Base Stone, is not broken, a significant decrease in product yield occurs over time. In order to break this layer, a bottom boiler operating at a depth of 40-60 cm is used. It is recommended that the bottom digger, which works deeper than the plow with a depth of 25 cm, should be pulled at 4-10 m intervals every 3-4 years when the soil is dry. If the bottom boiler is used and applied correctly, it provides high efficiency.

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